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RAF Lossiemouth

The Royal Air Force facility in Lossiemouth, Scotland was built in the first half of the twentieth century, nearly 70 years ago. Built in 1939, RAF Lossiemouth was used during World Ward 2 (WW2). Harvard and Oxford planes were the first aircraft to be seen frequenting and using the facility during its formative years after having been built, but that soon grew to include many other aircraft. The area had perfect weather, prime conditions and was suited to house many more vehicles and necessary mission transports. At first, the facility was used mostly as a training area for bombing runs, but there were several operational missions carried out from here. The most notable being the mission that crippled the Tirpitz, Germany’s beacon and pride, the head of its battle fleet.

RAF Lossiemouth saw its first action in the World War 2, but it saw its highest amount of use during the Cold War era. At the end of the period known as the “Cold War” right and before it was handed over and became part of the Fleet Arm, it became a satellite facility and an operational branch of Milltown coastal command,. Twenty seven years later, in 1972, it was once again given back to the Royal Air Force. The chopper flight and rescue team was the first unit to come back when the operations transferred back to the RAF.

1993 saw the beginning of a shift, a new formation you could call it. Much of the operational equipment was being replaced and upgraded. Luckily, some of the squadrons got to keep their identifying plates when their planes changed, keeping with the spirit of things. In the first decade, more than one squadron suffered a shift, or complete consumption, into another unit. Even though many regiments were leaving, the facility still remained one of the most active and prime front line operational facilities in the current line up. The beginning few years of this past decade saw an interesting reformation as well. Lossiemouth became the busiest fast jet facility in the Royal Air Force. The Five Force Protection wing was constructed and formed out of the conglomeration of many of the previous units that had existed by themselves at the facility. It was state of the art, and a move that has kept the facility at the top of its game.

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