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Moray District-Lossiemouth’s Home

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Moray District-Lossiemouth’s Home

The main town in the district known as Moray, is Elgin. Being the main town and center of much of the activity, it lies five miles south of Lossiemouth, which used to be the primary port area serving the Moray Elgin residents. The heart of the whisky production in Scotland is housed here, and it is a simple jaunt to start here and explore much of the coastal areas as well.

The city of Elgin is the bustling center of the area with many stylish shops and a highly pedestrian-oriented transportation base. In fact, it is rather high in the frequency of variety and specific shops compared to surrounding areas and communities. High Street has many 19th century buildings towering over the main walkway and is a sight of magnificent viewing to those who tour here or reside there. Read the full story

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