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Lossiemouth’s Moray Golf Club

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Lossiemouth’s Moray Golf Club

Founded in 1889, the original membership of the Moray Golf Club in Lossiemouth included some influential distillers and had a high percentage of women players within a few years of opening. From an initial membership of 82, by 1904 there were over 500 members with almost 25% being women. Having so many women members says a lot given that day and age. Currently the membership at Moray Golf Club stands at around 1700. Golfing in Scotland is a national pastime.

The distillers within the membership impacted the club and the effects of that membership continue to this day. Beginning in 1900, the Moray Golf Club purchased 54 gallons of Glen Grant whiskey. Buying whiskey and bottling it as “club malt” has been a tradition that is maintained to this day. In 1992, the club switched from Glen Grant to Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. The malt is bottled for the club when it is 10 years old. Read the full story

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