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Lossiemouth’s Origins in Kinneddar

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Lossiemouth’s Origins in Kinneddar

Lossiemouth’s origins have been derived from five separate and distinct communities that were in the immediate area. These communities were Lossiemouth, Branderburgh, Seatown, and the ancient towns of Kinneddar and Stotfield. The roots deep into the past has helped to give Lossiemouth its character.

Existing in what some would call a shambles currently, the original nature of the lands comprising the town of Kinneddar have disappeared since their original formation. In the past, when the settlements were first formed in the area, they were called “Ferm Touns”. Essentially a collective of settlements and domiciles in a group to denote structure. The original placement of those facilities are now long gone. In current existence are evidence of a Pictish settlement having been in the area, as well as many large carved stone pieces. Dating these has placed the lands of Kinneddar to approximately the 8th or 9th century. Most likely a Christian continuance of the original faith, due to there having been many crosses found in the area as well. Read the full story

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