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Things to Do and See in Lossiemouth

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Things to Do and See in Lossiemouth

So you are visiting Lossiemouth and are looking for things to do? You do not need to look very far because there are many activities to be undertaken. With the warm Gulf Stream air, Lossiemouth has a temperate climate, ideal for enjoying the many incredible sights and activities that are available.

For those visitors that are interested in immersing themselves in history, there are plenty of ancient ruins and examples of period architectures throughout the area in and around Lossiemouth. Whether you are wandering through the ruins of Spynie Palace or Duffus Castle, feeling very small among the majestic ruins of Elgin Cathedral’s octagonal chapter house, seeing the grandeur of Gordonstoun, or being awestruck by the magnificence of Pluscarden Abbey; you will feel the history that is radiates from these historic sites. Close your eyes and you can easily imagine how imposing these structures were in their day. Read the full story

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