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Lossiemouth, Scotland

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Lossiemouth, Scotland

Set at the mouth of the River Lossie on the beautiful coast of Scotland, the town of Lossiemouth is a busy port town. In the beginning, the town was to be a harbour for to help with its trading and house craftsmen, merchants, and builders. Over the years since it was established in the mid-1700’s, the new Lossiemouth has transformed from a small port town serving Elgin to a thriving port in its own right.

Lossiemouth is home to several examples of incredible architecture from different centuries. As you tour through the area, there are some landmark buildings that you cannot help but be drawn to. The history that permeats this area cannot help but be felt by those that visit Lossiemouth. Read the full story

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RAF Lossiemouth

The Royal Air Force facility in Lossiemouth, Scotland was built in the first half of the twentieth century, nearly 70 years ago. Built in 1939, RAF Lossiemouth was used during World Ward 2 (WW2). Harvard and Oxford planes were the first aircraft to be seen frequenting and using the facility during its formative years after having been built, but that soon grew to include many other aircraft. The area had perfect weather, prime conditions and was suited to house many more vehicles and necessary mission transports. At first, the facility was used mostly as a training area for bombing runs, but there were several operational missions carried out from here. The most notable being the mission that crippled the Tirpitz, Germany’s beacon and pride, the head of its battle fleet. Read the full story

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